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Serving Northern and Central New Mexico


Serving Northern and Central New Mexico

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Commercial HVAC Services in Rio Rancho, NM

At Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we are business owners-this means we understand the complex commercial heating and cooling needs of business owners and commercial property managers. We are a full-service commercial HVAC contractor after all, and we provide comprehensive replacement and repairs in addition to successful commercial HVAC installations. Please don’t delay, give us a call for your commercial and industrial HVAC needs to keep your customers, employees, tenants, or guests comfortable. We’re always available for reliable Rio Rancho commercial HVAC work. We’re local experts. This means that we understand your needs more easily than anyone. 

Reach out to Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today for quality Rio Rancho commercial HVAC services. 

Commercial HVAC Installation

If you’ve driven through Rio Rancho and looked for commercial HVAC systems, chances are you didn’t see many. The reason for this is because most commercial properties do best with rooftop units. These are modular HVAC systems that can be installed and serviced all from the rooftop, ensuring minimal business interruptions when you need commercial HVAC work done. Contact our team today and learn more about your system options to see what would be the best fit for you and your industrial HVAC needs. 

Commercial HVAC Replacement

No commercial HVAC system can last forever. In fact, when well cared for you can expect your commercial HVAC systems to last about 10-15 years before they start experiencing swift declines in efficiency that could leave you paying way more in overhead costs than you should have to. If you think your company is consuming a lot more energy than it used to or have performance issues from an aging system, it’s time to consider commercial HVAC replacement, and we’re here to help.

Commercial HVAC Repair

The best way to fend off surprise commercial HVAC repair needs is with routine commercial HVAC maintenance. Your business should receive annual tune-ups for both your heating and cooling systems. This will ensure they operate as effectively and efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Of course, due to natural wear and tear, you’ll still need repairs, and our Rio Rancho technicians are here for you! Whether you noticed a decline in system performance or have customer complaints about the temperature of your space, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Freezer Installation and Services

If you want your freezer to work properly for years to come, then it must be installed and serviced by a professional. It’s just that simple. We install and service quality freezers, including both reach-in and walk-in models.

We Install and Service Wine Refrigerators

A wine refrigerator may be a specialty item, but if you’re in the beverage industry, it’ll be one of your most heavily used pieces of equipment. Let us find a wine refrigerator that matches your needs. We provide installation as well as repair and maintenance.


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