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Santa Fe, NM Plumbing Installation Services by Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

You probably don’t often think about it, but you’ve got plumbing pipes running all through your home. Each time you turn on your tap, shower, or bath, you’re making use of an extensive network of plumbing pipes. Those pipes don’t just show up by magic, nor do the appliances that make use of them. Plumbing systems are complex, and they require a great deal of work to be installed properly. If you need plumbing installation services, call Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today.

Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration provides reliable plumbing installation services in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the surrounding areas.

Why Professional Plumbing Installation Is So Important

Plumbing installation isn’t quite as dangerous as, say, electrical installation. However, it can be quite damaging if done improperly. If the pipes in your home aren’t connected properly, you could end up with all sorts of problems. From backflow to loss of water pressure to pipe ruptures, a poorly constructed plumbing system can not only damage itself, but cause a great deal of harm to other areas of the home. The last thing you want is to have to replace an entire wall or floor because a pipe burst and ruined it. So, the best thing to do is to have a professional install your plumbing for you. We employ only the best plumbers, each with years of professional experience. If you need plumbing installation done, give us a call today.

Types of Plumbing Installation

Plumbing installation isn’t just limited to the pipes running through your walls. Every major appliance that uses water could be considered a plumbing installation, as well. Have a look at a few common plumbing installations that we perform for homeowners:

  • Garbage Disposals: Garbage disposals are one of the primary kitchen appliances, responsible for making all of our cooking endeavors that much easier. Though they may seem like whirling engines of destruction at times, garbage disposals are actually quite vulnerable to problems if not installed and maintained properly. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have a professional install one for you.
  • Sinks: Where would we be without the ability to wash our hands at a moment’s notice? Whether kitchen, bathroom, or bar, sinks are a vital part of home infrastructure. We can install any kind of sink for you.
  • Showers: While it may have been acceptable to go unwashed a few hundred years ago, today it is rightfully frowned upon. If you need a shower installed in your home, we can take care of it for you.
  • Washing Machines: A washing machine is another appliance that people tend to take for granted, until they realize what life would be like without one. If you need a washing machine installed in your home, give us a call.

Of course, our full range of plumbing installation services isn’t limited to the above list. We provide many different kinds of plumbing installation. If you need a plumbing appliance installed that isn’t on the above list, don’t worry! Just give Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment.