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Garbage Disposal Replacement in Santa Fe, NM from Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

No one wants to spend money replacing an old garbage disposal, but nothing lasts forever and sooner or later you’re going to need to deal with garbage disposal replacement. When you get your garbage disposal replaced, the operation should disrupt as little as possible, and when it’s over you should be able to use your new disposal with no fuss or muss. In some cases, you should also notice an improvement in its performance, be it more energy efficiency, quieter running or simply a means of doing its job faster.

In Santa Fe, NM, the experts at Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration understand how important proper garbage disposal replacement is. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your new system functions just as efficiently as your old one did, and that you’ll notice any improvements right away when you start using it. A proper replacement means you’ll be able to use your new disposal problem–free for some time to come, and that the parts and labor involved are all top notch. If your old disposal has given up the ghost, call us today to schedule a replacement session!

Reach out to Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration if you need garbage disposal replacement in Santa Fe, NM.

Signs that Your Old Garbage Disposal Is Ready to Go

It can be hard to know when your old garbage disposal is ready to be replaced, but comparative cost and lack of efficiency are the key factors. A burned out motor will shut the disposal off entirely. Frequent jams and unusual noises may also signal a disposal that has run out of usefulness, as can odd smells such as burning or ozone. Leaks are of a particular concern, since they can affect the entire area, and if you detect any strange smells that won’t go away, you’re probably looking at a replacement. Any of these factors combined with comparative old age – if the unit is a decade of older, for instance – mean that a replacement is likely in order.

Take Advantage of New Technology

Technological advancement move in leaps and bounds, and that’s no different with a garbage disposal than with any other piece of equipment. In dry climates like Santa Fe, NM, you can expect your garbage disposal to last for many years, which means that when the time comes to replace it, the new model may offer some bells and whistles that the old one doesn’t. Before scheduling an installation, talk to Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration about potential options on that front. At the very least, you can end up with a unit that is longer lasting and more energy efficient than the one you had before.

Make Sure Your Service Does the Job Right

The benefits of a new garbage disposal will be lost if the disposal replacement operation isn’t performed correctly. Here in Santa Fe, NM, Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration knows how to replace old garbage disposal the right way. Using top–notch tools and armed with years of experience, we’ll ensure that your new unit operates problem–free from day one, and that you won’t have to worry about leaks of shoddy workmanship. If you’re ready for garbage disposal replacement, then give us a call today, and watch how such operations and conducted properly!