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Santa Fe, NM Commercial Humidifier Services by Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

In Santa Fe, NM, we not only face lengthy, hot summers, we also face dry summers. Often low humidity is connected to better comfort during hot weather; although it’s true that dry air allows for the human body to cool down faster through perspiration, excessively dry conditions can create other problems. If you own a business, you do not want the relative humidity inside your building to drop below 30%—but this, unfortunately, often occurs.

Because commercial buildings are simply too large for a portable humidifier to do any good, they need a professionally installed commercial humidifier to handle dry air. You can call Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration to arrange for commercial humidifier installation, or schedule repairs and maintenance for any humidifier that you already have working to protect your work space. You can trust to our years of experience and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for installation or other services for a commercial humidifier in Santa Fe, NM, call Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration.

Why You Need a Commercial Humidifier

Air conditioning systems cool down the air in a building by removing thermal energy from the air. But as they do this, they also remove moisture from the air. Since you will probably run the air conditioning throughout the day in your business during the summer, the AC can contribute to making the already seasonally dry air even drier. In fact, most buildings cannot maintain a balanced humidity level without help.

The following are some of the problems your business may encounter when relative humidity dips too low and which a humidifier can solve:

  • Easy spread of illness – Low humidity causes sinuses and mucus membranes to dry up. This removes one of the body’s most important defenses against the spread of colds and flus. Keeping the humidity properly balanced will help make your workplace healthier in general.
  • Damage to wood and equipment – Dry air draws moisture out of surfaces, and this will causes problems such as cracking along wooden surfaces as the wood shrinks. It can also seriously damage the precision equipment your business relies on.
  • Discomfort – When dry air occurs during colder days, it makes it harder for people to stay warm. The building’s heating system will need to run longer to overcome it, wasting power.

How a Commercial Humidifier Works

Once a professional has installed a commercial humidifier for your business, the device will go to work sending water vapor into the ventilation system to raise the humidity of the indoors. Unlike some of the more basic humidifiers that use a reservoir of water to provide moisture, commercial humidifiers attach into the plumbing of a building. They contain monitors to gauge relative humidity levels in the building, and shut on and off at appropriate times to help maintain the right humidity balance.

We Offer Commercial Humidifier Services in Santa Fe, NM

A professional IAQ technician will make certain that the humidifier installed in your building is powerful enough to counteract the dry air without making the air too humid (and creating a whole other set of issues). You may also need a technician for regular maintenance on the system and occasional repairs. Let Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration handle all your commercial humidifier needs in Santa Fe, NM.