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Serving Northern and Central New Mexico


Serving Northern and Central New Mexico

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Sizing Your System

Sizing Up & Sizing Calculations

According to ‘Home Energy Magazine’, over 40 different load calculation methods were submitted by contractors. It was found that most contractors oversize. A lead calculation is important because it determines what proper size system is for your specific home. This is to make sure your system operates at maximum efficiency. Most homes have systems that are oversized,  meaning you end up paying more than you should to heat and cool. Systems which are oversized seem too cycle either to quick or too slow and that leads to maintenance problems, uneven temperatures, and inability to control humidity. Make sure your equipment is not sized by “Rule of Thumb.” Oversized systems will not remove adequate moisture from the indoor air due to short cycling. This will leave you feeling stuffy and uncomfortable, who knew??? An oversized furnace is similar to an oversized air conditioning system. The run time is short, creating uncomfortable air strati faction and less air filtration. Frequent cycling of the unit on and off can cause undue wear and tear on internal working components.

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