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Why You Should Only Ever Trust a Professional for Your Plumbing Job


Let us pose this question—would you let just anyone work on your car? You use it to commute back and forth, whether it’s to your job, your kid’s activities, or social events. If you need service work on it, and an amateur messes up, you could be without your otherwise reliable vehicle for days or even weeks. That’sinconvenient, to say the least.

Now, consider if you were without your plumbing system for days, or weeks. Could you even imagine? This means no showering, no washing dishes or clothes… you can’t even wash your hands or use the restroom. Well, that’s what you’re risking when you hire anyone less than a trained and experienced professional. If you’re still not convinced, read on as we uncover some of the main reasons you should only ever trust a pro for your plumbing job.


As we alluded to above, the number one reason you should only ever trust a pro for your plumbing job is for the reliability. A professionally trained plumber will have comprehensive education and experience that is necessary to handle the worst of clogs, the trickiest of pipe leaks, and the occasional burst pipe or tree root infiltration in the sewer line. Without professional help, your small plumbing problem can quickly grow into a large emergency.

Peace of Mind

Inexperienced handypeople aren’t going to be available for emergencies. In fact, most follow a business-hours-only approach, if they’re even available that often. This means that if something goes wrong with a repair or installation they did, you’re going to be sitting around until their schedule allows them to get back out. That won’t happen with a legitimate plumbing contractor like Roadrunner—we provide 24/7 service and emergency plumbing for whatever your needs are!

Full Resolution

Patching up a leak is simple. In fact, you might be able to do it on your own until you can have a plumber come do a more thorough job. The problem with amateur plumbers is that they consider patching up a leak a “job well done” when it’s not done at all. This is a temporary solution, when the root of the problem needs to be resolved. That root could be pinholes in your pipes due to corrosion, which means you need repiping. Or it could be that poor installation let to loose joints, and soon the whole pipe will fall apart.


We’ll go back to the car analogy here. Let’s say you do trust a neighbor or a friend to work on your car. If everyone is telling you that they love this person’s work, that they are reliable, professional, and ethical, you’ll be a lot more likely to use their services than if people were saying they were always late, unprofessional, and shady, right?

If you’re looking for a plumber and see an exceptional amount of bad reviews—or worse, no reviews—on their website, it’s cause for alarm. You want to trust a plumbing contractor who is reputable, on top of being licensed, insured, and experienced!  

For a reliable plumber in Rio Rancho, NM, contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today!

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