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What Drain Cleaning Solution Is Best for Your Clog?


When you encounter a clog in your home, what do you do? If you’re like many homeowners, you probably reach for that bottle of store-bought liquid drain cleaning solution, right? Unfortunately, this is exactly what you should not do.

It may solve your clog problem in the short term, but it will create more problems for the future of your plumbing system. Read on as we uncover what’s wrong with these solutions, and what solution is best for your drain cleaning needs.

The Problem with Store-Bought Solutions

Have you ever taken a close look at the labels on these bottles of liquid drain cleaner? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed the large number of warning labels plastered all over them. This is because they’re full of highly caustic and chemical-filled ingredients. Sure, they’ll eat through a clog. But they’ll keep on going to start eating through the lining of your pipes.

After years of using these so called “solutions,” you’ll be dealing with corrosion and leaks in your plumbing. Plus, more clogs will form as the drain cleaner accumulates and lines your pipes. Trust us when we say the cost of having to repair and replace your pipes throughout your plumbing system isn’t worth the benefit of having liquid drain cleaner within easy reach.

The Real “Solution”

So what’s the real solution to drain cleaning? Hiring a professional! Our professional plumbers know that the average store-bought liquid drain cleaner is going to do more har than it is good. This is why we would never employ the same methods when cleaning your drains. Professional drain cleaning means using specialized equipment that’s safe for you and for your plumbing.

For instance, we may use a drain snake to remove your clog. This is actually one of the oldest methods for cleaning out drainpipes, and is still used today because it is effective. A drain snake is a long cord that has an auger on the end of it. We insert that cord right down into your pipe until it comes into contact with the clog. Then, the auger drills through the clog or latches onto it and pulls it out to free up the pipe. This is simple and quick, and doesn’t leave any lasting negative impact like the liquid solutions do.

Another popular method of drain cleaning is hydro-jetting. This is when we fire a high-pressured stream of water down the pipe to blast away any clogs in the system. This is a very thorough process, and can even prevent clogs from forming as easily in the future, by scouring the pipe walls completely clean. If a drain snake can’t get rid of the clog in your pipes, then a hydro-jet is a more powerful but still safe option!

That noted, it’s still important to only trust a trained professional with these tools. Even a drain snake can damage your plumbing if not used correctly, and a hydro-jet is very powerful and should only ever be used by someone who has the experience of dealing with tools like this.

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