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Should You Hire a Plumber to Test Your Water?

Closeup shot of a father helping his baby girl wash her hands at a tapMost homeowners trust that any water treated by the local municipal treatment system is safe to drink—and for the most part you can rely on that. After all, it goes through a rigorous process of testing, filtration, and treatment. However, there are still contaminants that can get in, especially when you consider how far the water has to travel from the municipal supply to your home.

Additionally, you may not like the fact that certain properties are added to the water during the purification process. Small percentages of lead and other pollutants may even be permissible when the city’s water is tested. So, how do you know when your water is safe to drink or if you should be contacting an Espanola, NM plumber for water testing?

Have You Noticed an Odd Taste or Odor?

If you detect an unusual odor or taste coming from your water, it might not be a big deal and could just be a small level of contaminants that aren’t necessarily going to harm you. But it’s definitely not something that should be ignored.

One potential reason your water may taste or smell strange is from hydrogen sulfide. This property emits a strange rotten egg odor, that can sometimes be eliminated with chlorine. But, unless you are using a well water system, you don’t have control over how your water is treated before it reaches your home. What you may very well need is a whole home water filtration system installed in your home.

Have You Noticed Particles in the Water?

If you detect particles floating around in the water, it may mean that your pipes or water heaters are starting to rust—this is more of a plumbing problem than a water quality problem. The presence of particulates like dirt and other suspended solids in the water, however, can be harmful and warrants having your water tested and subsequently treated if necessary.

Do You Have Lime Scale Deposits Left on Sinks, Dishes, and Faucets?

The good news is, if you do see white or yellowish deposits in any of these areas, or around your drains, it doesn’t necessarily mean your water is unsafe to drink. In fact, it’s probably completely harmless to ingest. But what it’s doing to your plumbing system and your quality of life is a different story.

This problem is caused by the buildup of minerals like calcium and magnesium—what’s known as hard water. These minerals can slowly eat away at the inside of your pipes, and they also cause your plumbing fixtures to degrade quicker. Additionally, taking a shower with hard water is usually less than refreshing, and hard water can cause your clothes in the washing machine to fade and wear down faster.

Time to Have Your Water Tested

The only tried and true way to find out whether your drinking water is safe is to have it tested by a professional. Water testing helps you determine what types of contaminants are common in your area, and to treat anything unusual in your water. Whether you need a filter cartridge to eliminate suspended solids or you are looking for a more advanced reverse osmosis system to clear chemicals from your water, we can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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