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Are You In Need of Pipe Repairs?

Split drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree rootsWhen is the last time you paid attention to what the foundation of your home looks like? How about your ductwork? Chances are, these aren’t things you think to inspect very often. Similar to your plumbing pipes, these are hidden from view, so for regular maintenance you’ll need to call in a specialist for inspection.

Your plumbing system is no different! Your pipes are hidden behind walls, under floors, and in the ground. You can’t effectively inspect them on your own, at least not without specialized equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. For that, you’ll need a professional Santa Fe, NM plumber on your side. There are, however, signs you can watch out for that your plumbing is starting to fail. Keep reading to learn more about how to recognize a problem with your pipes.


One of the most common plumbing questions we get from homeowners is whether a failing pipe actually needs to be replaced or if it can be adequately repaired. When it comes to corrosion, the former is typically true. Unfortunately, metal may unexpectedly corrode due to the soil and the environment surrounding them. Once a pipe begins to rust and corrode, there’s really no stopping it, your pipe could ware away and leave you with a major leak.

A few signs to watch out for regarding corrosion include:

  • Flakes of rust in your water, or red-brown discoloration.
  • Low water pressure.
  • A strange taste in the water.

If you notice any signs of corrosion or suspect that your pipes are corroding, it’s time to call in a pro for a thorough inspection. While it may end up that you need a simple repair or partial pipe replacement, the situation could be more serious. Catching it earlier can prevent a major plumbing emergency later on down the line.

Slow Drains

Sometimes, a slow drain isn’t that big of a deal. It may have been caused by a buildup of hair and soap scum if in the bathroom, or maybe even food in the kitchen. Our plumbing pros have effective drain cleaning methods and tools to resolve this for you, quickly.

But if your drain pipes are frequently clogging, then it could end up causing corrosion (particularly if it’s a buildup of minerals from hard water). Or there could be something destroying the pipes from the outside in, like tree roots, which can wrap around and break through pipes, since they offer such a great source of fertilization. Root killer and drain snaking can help control this problem, but eventually, this can wreck your pipes and lead to the need for major pipe repairs.

Aging Pipes

You should consider having your pipes inspected and maybe even replaced once they reach a certain age, even if you haven’t noticed huge problems. Before the 1960’s, galvanized steel pipes were common. Steel pipes mean fast corrosion, so at this time, pipes were dipped in a protective zinc coating to stop this corrosion.

However, pipes corroded very quickly once that coating wore off. If your pipes are this old and made of galvanized steel, then it might be better to replace them now than to wait for a situation in which you’re faced with a huge leak.

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