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There’s Only One Right Way to Fix a Clogged Drain…


And no, the answer is not to use store-bought liquid drain cleaners. Actually, this can do more harm than good to your pipes.

These store-bought “solutions” might clean out your drains pretty well during their initial use, but it comes at a cost—a cost that too many homeowners don’t realize they’re paying until it is too late. Read on to learn the right way to fix a clogged drain—by calling a professional plumber.

By the time you’re done reading this blog post, you’ll understand why it’s so important to leave this work to the professionals.

The Damage of Store-Bought “Solutions”

The reason these store-bought drain cleaning solutions are able to initially clean out drainpipes so quickly and seemingly easily is because they use a range of highly corrosive chemicals. These are chemicals that can eat through pretty much anything that has the potential to clog up your pipes, with is good, but they also can corrode the pipes. Plus, accidental exposure to these substances isn’t good for your health.

After years of using these chemicals, your pipes will have enough and you’ll find yourself facing leaks and corrosion. You might even find yourself needing to replace large sections of your plumbing system years earlier than you otherwise should have had to. This is a big price to pay for not a lot of benefit, right?

If you want to actually keep your plumbing in great shape, then be sure to take advantage of our professional drain cleaning services.

“Can’t I Use a Plunger?”

Sure, if you have a superficial enough clog, you may be able to relieve it with nothing more than a plunger and a little bit of elbow grease. But we’re going to guess if you came across this blog post, that the problem is a bit more serious than that. If you could have relieved the clog from your drainpipe yourself, you probably would have done it already.

The Professional Difference

Professional plumbers are very aware of the kind of damage that can be done because of store-bought drain cleaning chemicals. This is why we would never use this kind of product! When you contact our professional plumbers to manage your drain cleaning needs, we’ll use either a drain snake or a more versatile hydro-jet tool. The drain snake is a cord that has a drill bit at the end—the snake is inserted into the drain opening until it comes into contact with the clog, at which point it can be pulled out.

A hydro-jet tool is a bit more powerful—it has an omnidirectional sprayer on the end of it and can fire a high-pressured stream of water into the drain pipe to push out any built up debris and clear it out. Either drain snaking or hydro-jetting are far better methods of drain cleaning than using corrosive, store-bought chemicals. Be sure to reach out to our team to learn more!

When you’re ready to relieve your clogged drain in Rio Rancho, NM, contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing.

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