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Is Your Home Experiencing Any of These Plumbing Symptoms?

sink faucet dripping waterPlumbing issues are a pain in the neck, although that probably goes without saying. They’re often difficult to detect, and most homeowners don’t even realize they have a plumbing problem until it has reached the point that the majority of the damage is already done.

Leaks tend to be the most common plumbing problem, but certainly not the only one. Whatever your plumbing problem is, you want to ensure that you get a professional plumber in Edgewood, NM in as quickly as possible to assess and resolve the issue, before more damage is done. Keep reading for some common, yet often subtle, signs of plumbing issues.

Clogged Drains

You’ve likely had this happen once or twice. Perhaps you used a plunger to relieve the clog. Or, you might have put some store-bought cleanser down the drain to solve the problem. We actually do not recommend the latter. These chemical cleaners are corrosive and can do more harm than good to your plumbing system.

In addition to that, though, this only provides a temporary solution to a deeper problem. If you find yourself with frequently clogged drains, it might mean that there is a problem with your sewer line. We urge you to give our professionals a call to set up an inspection.

The Sound of Running Water

Do you ever hear water running, when there are no taps on in your home, nor are you using a water-producing appliance? Of course, if you’re connected to other homes, such as in a condominium complex, this can be easily explained. However, in the absence of this exception, it’s very likely that you have a leak somewhere, and water is escaping.

Warm Floor

When slab leaks occur, they often do so with the hot water line. As a result, the flooring above the leak will often become warm. Unless you have radiant heating or just had a pet sitting in that warm spot on the floor, chances are very likely that you’re experiencing this plumbing problem.

Loss of Water Pressure

This is never a problem to ignore, although it can be a less serious issue. It’s possible that the city is doing work on the water lines—in which case water pressure might be affected. The city should notify you in this case, but that doesn’t always happen.

Go ahead and check with your municipality, first. However, if that’s not where the problem is then you may have a main line or sewer blockage or rupture. Be sure to give our pros a call right away!

Running Water Meter

This is a quick way to find out if you have a leak in your plumbing system. Turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home, and check your water meter. If it’s still running, it means that water is continuing to exit your system somewhere. In other words, you have a leak.

Smelly Yard

If you detect a foul odor coming from your yard, unfortunately, it likely means that you have a sewer line break or leak. You might also notice wet spots in your yard, despite not having any rain or sprinkler heads where you see the water.

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