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Avoid These Holiday Plumbing Woes


It may be hard to believe, but the holiday season is right around the corner. With that, you have lots to consider. Will you be vacationing this year? Is your heating system ready to keep you warm all winter long? Are you hosting Thanksgiving or other holiday parties this year?

This last one is what we’re going to focus on today. Hosting parties can be fun, but they can also be disastrous if you’re ill-prepared. Part of that preparation is making sure you avoid certain plumbing problems that are prevalent this time of the year. Read on to learn more about this!

The Dreaded Clogged Sink

Perhaps the most common holiday plumbing problem we get called for is a clogged kitchen sink, or a jammed garbage disposal system. With holiday meals being cooked in a rush, it can be tempting to shove anything and everything down the garbage disposal—potato skins, egg shells, vegetable tops, etc.

Unfortunately, as powerful as garbage disposals are, they’re not invincible. Too much down the drain at once can easily clog up the system, and leave you with a backup right in the middle of your holiday meal prep.

Another common kitchen sink problem this time of the year is a buildup of FOG—that is, fats, oils, and grease—creating a clog and backup as well. This is more of a long term problem than it is a sudden one, but still a very big problem you should work hard to avoid. The best thing to do with FOG is to set it aside in a tin container—maybe a leftover can of veggies—allow it to cool, and dispose of it in your trash can instead of down the sink.

A few other food byproducts that should never go down the sink drain include beans, rice, pasta, and bread. These all soak up and absorb water, expanding until they cause a backup.

Is Your Bathroom in Jeopardy?

Whether you’re hosting holiday parties or hosting overnight guests this time of the year, your bathroom facilities may be overtaxed with traffic and extra usage. Be sure to talk to your guests—especially those with small children—about the importance of not putting anything down the toilet except toilet paper. Be sure to provide an empty trash receptacle in the bathroom so nobody is tempted to dump trash in the toilet and flush—you’d be surprised by how many times this actually happens.

Taking Care of Your Water Heater

The problems that occur with water heaters this time of the year are two-fold. First off, if you are hosting overnight guests, it may be a good idea to put a time limit on showers—the last thing anyone in your family needs is to get up to take a shower to be greeted with cold water because their tank water heater has already been used to capacity for the morning.

The other thing to consider this time of year is how the cooler temperatures will impact your water heater—cold air causes expansion and contraction in water heaters. If your system is aging, fractures can occur and threaten the integrity of your system. The best thing you can do if you do have an aging water heater is contact our team to do a maintenance inspection—particularly if you haven’t had one done in the last year.

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