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Follow These Tips to Avoid Plumbing Mishaps This Holiday Season!


It’s never too early to think about plumbing care. Sure, there are still several weeks left before you really need to think about the holidays, but with everything going on in the last couple of years, we don’t blame you if you want to start the festivities a little earlier. And so, we’re here to help you prepare!

There are a few things for you to consider as we get closer to the holidays. First, are you going to be hosting any big meals? Remember, although your garbage disposal system is hugely convenient, it does have its limitations, and pushing those boundaries can leave you with a stubbornly clogged drain.

Second, are you going to be hosting overnight guests? We have some bathroom plumbing tips for you to consider, to avoid things like toilet clogs or an overwhelmed water heater. Read on to learn more!

Protect Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

Guess what the most common plumbing call we get during the holiday season is? If you guessed a clogged kitchen sink drain, you’re right! Even if you have a garbage disposal in place, it’s important to remember that it can get overwhelmed. Plus, there are items that just shouldn’t be put down your kitchen sink.

This includes FOG, or fats, oils, and grease. The problem with these cooking byproducts is that they harden as they cool, sticking to the sides of your plumbing pipes and creating stubborn clogs. Instead of dumping FOG down the sink, you should dump it into a disposable container that can be thrown out once the FOG cools down.

Other items that shouldn’t go down your kitchen sink drain include things like excessive potato skins or eggshells as your garbage disposal can only handle so much at once. you should also avoid fibrous veggies such as celery, as the fibers can get wrapped around the impeller blades and jam up the disposal system.

Protect Your Bathroom Plumbing

Are you going to be hosting guests during the holidays? Remember, this means you’re increasing traffic and use in your bathrooms! Routine annual maintenance on your plumbing is a great way to avoid problems, but it’s also wise to talk to your guest and remind them that the only thing that should go down the toilet is toilet paper. Even wipes marketed as “flushable” can cause significant problems for your pipes.

Consider Your Water Heater

If you have a tank water heater that was appropriately sized for your family, it means that it is able to meet the demands of your current household. So, if you have a number of guests who will be showering regularly, you may run out of hot water.

It’s a good idea to speak with your guests about limiting their shower time to 10-15 minutes max.

A tankless system may not have this problem, unless you are trying to use multiple plumbing appliances at the same time as people are showering, but it’s important to know your water heater’s limitations.

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