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If You Want Good Pipes, Don’t Use This Plumbing Product

water droplets on white backgroundLiquid, store-bought drain cleaners, that is.

“But wait,” you may be wondering, “they’re marketed and sold as the go-to solution to clean my drains!”

Well, yes they are. But that doesn’t mean that these chemical drain cleaners are the best solution for your clogged drains. Read on to learn more about the problem with these products and about the drain cleaning methods offered by professional Albuquerque, NM plumbers.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Good for Some Clogs

This is the first thing you should know—the chemicals found in these liquid drain cleaners are formulated to resolve some, but not all, common sources of drain clogs. For instance, most are good at dissolving hair, but cannot handle grease and grime, food particles, or other blockages.

You May Make the Problem Worse

Some of the particles that chemical drain cleaners are not able to dissolve could, and often do, get pushed down further along in your drain pipe. And this way, you could wind up with clogs deep along in the sewer line, which will require professional tools and equipment to remove anyway! Plus, without the effective removal of leftover greasy residue from things like kitchen clogs, clogs are just encouraged to form again.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Have Side Effects

Other than the fact that they might not even resolve your drain clog problems, chemical drain cleaners do have additional side effects. For example, they’re harmful for people and pets. They can cause injury to the skin and eyes. It’s essential that you keep the bottle away from small children and animals.

Additionally, as you might have guessed, something so caustic can actually damage the lining of your drain pipes. This means you could find yourself facing premature replacement of your drain pipes.

“Should I Ever Try to Clean My Drains Myself?”

Let’s say that you have a very minor smell coming from a kitchen drain or a small clog of hair in a bathroom drain. There are some natural remedies you can try that can effectively (albeit temporarily) solve the issue.

One favorite method among homeowners is to mix a half cup baking soda into your drains, and follow that up with a cup of vinegar. Wait 15–30 minutes, then wash that all down with a pot of boiling water. This may do the trick, but if not…

Contact Us for Professional Drain Cleaning

We utilize methods like drain snaking and hydro-jetting, either or both of which can be extremely effective at not only removing the clog in question, but making it less likely for clogs to form in the future.

Hydro-jetting, in case you aren’t familiar, uses a high-pressured hose with an omni-directional sprayer for optimal coverages within your drain pipes. Professional drain augers are particularly helpful for clogs that are deep along the sewer line.

Regardless of whether the natural drain cleaning method we mentioned above works or if you need to call in a pro, one thing is for sure: relying on chemical liquid drain cleaners can definitely be a big mistake.

To learn more about our drain cleaning method and for other quality plumbing services, contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today.

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