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Don’t Ignore These Signs of Water Heater Trouble

Among some of the most disconcerting plumbing issues you can face is that of no hot water when you turn on your shower or sink faucets. You may wait and wait for warmer water to show up. When this happens, it’s typically because your water heater died.

Many times, however, water heaters give off warning signs that they are experiencing trouble. In most cases, this should give you enough time to call for repairs and prevent that cold-shower surprise. But we understand you have to know what to look for. So we’ve shared a few warning signs below. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Discolored Water

Have you noticed rusty or otherwise discolored water coming from your taps when you turn on your hot water? This is a sign that there is corrosion within the tank of your water heater. This can happen due to excessive age—in which case you’ll probably need to replace the entire water heater—or a rusted anode rod. The anode rod must be replaced on occasion to avoid this problem. This replacement typically is done during your maintenance visit.

Lukewarm Water

What if the water coming from your taps isn’t necessarily cold, but it’s not exactly hot either? Don’t ignore a drop in heating power—this is often the sign of a problem with the burner if you have a gas-powered water heater, or a broken heating element if you have an electric water heater. Both of these issues require immediate attention.

Rumbling Sounds

There are a variety of reasons that your water tank may start making an odd sound, but none of them is good. You may have a faulty mixing valve, or you could have excess sediment in the bottom of the tank, which reduces the volume in the tank and causes water pressure to spike. You don’t want to ignore this issue as doing so can lead to water heater system breakdown.

To schedule your Albuquerque, NM water heater repairs today, just contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today.

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