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Diagnosing the Cause of a Running Toilet

If you’ve ever heard a toilet running far longer than it should, then you know how annoying it can be. More than that, however, a running toilet is an indication that you are unintentionally using excess water, and eventually you’ll see this reflected on your water bill.

Additionally, a running toilet can lead to the inability to flush and other plumbing problems. Therefore, if you do hear the sound of running water coming from any one of your toilets, then it’s wise to call for repairs as soon as you can. In the meantime, we’ve shared some information below that can help you understand why this occurs in the first place.

Refill Tube Problem

Your toilet’s refill tube is tasked with replenishing the water in the tank. The top of this tube should always remain above water level. If it doesn’t, then you’ll likely hear intermittent running.

Float Ball Issues

This component is a small ball that sinks when the tank empties with a flush. This allows the inlet valve on the fill tube to open. When the tank is filled, then the float ball rises and closes the valve, which stops the filling process. If the float ball is misaligned, then the valve cannot properly close and you’ll hear running water.

Wrong Length Chain on Flush Valve

The chain on your toilet’s flush valve is the part of your toilet that pulls open the flush valve and allows fresh water into the tank, as it flushes out the used water. If the chain is too long or short, then it will interfere with the flush valve’s ability to close correctly.

Flapper Problems

Your flush valve is often referred to as a flapper. It needs to seal completely after every flush to keep water from leaking. Flappers can age, develop mineral deposits, and/or wear down, which all prevent it from sealing correctly. You can either have the flapper cleaned, or you may need to replace it if it’s too worn down.

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