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Detecting a Plumbing Leak: A How-To Guide

blue-cloth-tied-around-white-pipeIn our previous blog post, we talked about how your air conditioner could leak, why this happens, and what to do about it.

But what about the leaks we’re more familiar with—plumbing system leaks? They can happen from literally anywhere within your plumbing system, which can sound pretty ominous. They also aren’t easily noticeable in most cases—they may do a significant amount of damage beneath your slab or behind your walls before you even see that you have a leak.

But wait, there’s good news! There are tell-tale signs you can watch out for that indicate your home is, in fact, experiencing a plumbing leak. Keep reading to learn more.

Sign #1: Higher Than Average Water Bills

Spotting leaks ASAP should be a top priority, but they’re often hard for homeowners to notice right away, as we alluded to above. So where should you look first? Your water bill!

In many cases a leak can exist for quite awhile before being discovered, but this doesn’t mean it’s not causing problems while it goes undetected. So your water bill is an excellent clue. It shouldn’t be too much higher than it was this time last year, so long as your water usage is about the same. You could also compare it to what your neighbors are paying to see if there’s a discrepancy there.

Regardless of if there’s a difference or not, if you think your water bill is higher than it should be based on your water usage, the best thing you can do is call us for leak detection services or a video camera inspection so we can determine what exactly is going on.

Sign #2: The Sound of Running Water When No Appliances Are On

Everyone always says to “keep an eye out for problems.” Well, we think you should involve your hearing too. Running water is always going to make a noise. So, pay attention—is the running water you hear from an appliance, the toilet filling it’s tank, or someone using a faucet in your home?

If not, you could very well be hearing the result of a leak. Pinpointing the source before it causes too much damage is in your best interest, so please do give us a call if your ears tip you off to potential problems.

Sign #3: Foul or Unusual Odors

Does your home smell musty? If so, it might be due to damp conditions that you can’t even see. Remember, a major problem with water leaks is the potential for biological pollutants to thrive, not just the physical damage that can result from water exposure.

If you detect the smell of mildew in your home, it could be from a water leak—especially if it’s accompanied by any of the other symptoms we mentioned above. If you’re worried about your plumbing system or suspect you might have a leak, the best thing you can do is call in a professional!

Need professional leak detection services in Santa Fe, NM? Look no further than Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. Contact us today!

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