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The Amazing Swamp Cooler

Everyone’s looking for a bargain. Whether you’re trying to reduce household expenses by being “green” or by turning off the lights in every unoccupied room, you may be looking for another sure-fire way to reduce expenses during the most expensive time of the year, summer.

In order to keep cool, you likely run your air conditioner nearly 24/7 during times of peak heat, but this can create high energy bills that can put a damper on an otherwise comfortable domestic life. In order to save money on your cooling bills, you may want to consider a high-efficiency system that will give you the comfort you deserve without the incredible expense. We’re talking about the swamp cooler, of course.

The swamp cooler is not a cooler for the swamp, despite its moniker. In fact, it’s a type of cooling system that really only works in dry climates such as ours. This is because it adds humidity to the air as it cools, unlike central air units and heat pumps that dehumidify the air during the cooling process. The swamp cooler utilizes a fairly basic principle of evaporative cooling that has been used widely throughout the world for many, many years. When hot air passes over cold water, the air is cooled by the water’s absorption of its thermal energy. This thermal exchange also leaves the air humidified, which is an added benefit in our neck of the woods.

The benefits of this approach are clear enough. Because it does not have to power a large compressor to effect change in a chemical refrigerant, it can save you a lot of money during the course of its operation. Energy efficiency really is its chief benefit, and many of our customers also enjoy the fact that it does not dry out the air further like conventional air conditioners.

If you’re interested in learning more about swamp coolers and whether they are right for you, make sure you give us a call today. Our HVAC technicians are always available to assist our customers.

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