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Signs that You Could Benefit from an Air Purifier

Does your indoor air smell a bit funny? Does it seem as though your allergies are exacerbated, despite being inside? Do you find that your portable air purifier simply can’t cut it?

When it comes time to get serious about the quality of your indoor air, you need to consider whole house devices that integrate directly into your air ducts. These systems run constantly during heating and cooling and they require very little to no maintenance. In today’s post, we’d like to outline a few signs to look out for that indicate you could benefit from installing one of these products in your HVAC system.

The modern home is built to be highly energy efficient. While it must be able to ventilate throughout the year, the insulation ensures that your heated air stays indoors during the winter and that the hot air stays outside during the summer. This creates problems when it comes to fresh air since your HVAC system merely recycles the indoor air that is already within your home. Before long, you may find that you have excessive dust and dander floating throughout your indoor space. If you notice plumes coming through your air ducts when you adjust the thermostat, an air purifier may be right for you.

Another sign to look for is an increase in your allergic reactions. If you are sensitive to such debris in the home, then it’s important to make sure that you minimize the irritation as much as possible. If you notice that your allergic reactions have increased lately, then you might want to consider an air purifier to improve your comfort. There’s no reason you should have to suffer in your own home. There are plenty of different air purifiers on the market today, including those that use ultraviolet light to destroy biological contaminants as well as those that use electrostatic technology to ionize particles, thus causing them to collect on a plate or cell within the device instead of passing through into your living space.

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