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What Your HVAC Contractor Really Wants You to Know

technician working on air conditioning unitThe internet: a place where you can find information about anything, at any time. This is great for so many reasons, but unfortunately, sometimes too much information can cause problems, particularly because not all of it is actually fact. For instance, you can type in a question about any appliance in your home and receive pages of helpful tips, “hacks,” and pointers from whoever wants to give them, but it doesn’t mean those solutions will be long-lasting—or that they’re accurate to begin with.

Fortunately, you have an HVAC contractor in Pecos, NM who can bust up a few of the misconceptions that evolve from internet warriors, right here on our team. We’re always happy to share facts since we know myths can wind up costing you money in the long run because they can cause your HVAC system to run ineffectively and inefficiently.

Myth #1: You Only Need to Change the Air Filter Once a Year

This is definitely not true. The filter that comes within your HVAC system upon installation is an essential part of protecting the inside components of that system from becoming dirty and subsequently damaged. The air filter isn’t designed to improve indoor air quality as commonly believed. This filter becomes clogged up with debris in as little as a month, and therefore it must be changed on a routine basis.

Generally speaking, air filters should be swapped out or cleaned every 4–6 weeks during heavy periods of use and depending on the amount of contaminants in your home. Otherwise, your HVAC system will suffer from a decline in efficiency and cause other serious problems such as short-cycling and a frozen evaporator coil. Be sure to take a look at least once a month to see if your air filter needs changing.

Myth #2: You Can Close Vents in Unoccupied Rooms

Too many homeowners do this in an attempt to save money, but it actually does the opposite. We get it, you’re probably thinking, “if there’s no cooled or heated air going into a particular area, it means less work for the HVAC system.” But this isn’t the case.

Closing room vents won’t help you save any money—it will end up costing you more money because the air pressure it throws off will end up damaging your ductwork and overworking the blower fan (which doesn’t work any less just because you closed off a couple vents). Don’t risk the loss of energy or damage to your system—instead, ask us about your zoning options. A ductless system could be a great choice for you!

Myth #3: You Don’t Actually Need Routine Maintenance

This is probably one of the biggest myths there is in regards to HVAC systems. Maintenance isn’t a “luxury” service as many people think it is. Instead, it’s a vital service that allows your system to keep working in top shape for the longest possible time.

A good maintenance session fends off unnecessary repairs, prevents emergency breakdowns, and keeps both of your HVAC systems safe. This is particularly important if you have gas-powered systems in place. Fortunately, maintenance is not hard to keep on top of when you enroll in our HVAC maintenance program.

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