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End of Season Heater Care Tips from the Pros

a hand professionally sealing off heater ductworkWith springtime officially here and warmer temperatures expected to start arriving in the coming weeks, the HVAC system that’s likely on top of your mind is your air conditioner. Did you schedule maintenance yet? It’s certainly not too late, if you haven’t! But just because you might not be using your heating system for much longer this season doesn’t mean you should just forget about it.

When it comes to caring for your Rio Rancho, NM HVAC systems, there are steps you can and should take to benefit not only your heater at the end of winter, but your air conditioner as well as we head into spring. Keep reading for some of our top end of season heater care tips!

Invest in Duct Sealing

As we mentioned above, there are some steps you can take that affect both your heater and air conditioner. Making sure your ducts are in good shape is one of those steps. If you’ve noticed any trouble over the winter with cold spots in the house or inexplicably high utility bills, then we recommend having your ductwork checked and if needed, professionally sealed.

Getting damaged ducts sealed by professionals can help you save as much as 30% off your heating and cooling bills, plus it improves your home comfort throughout the entire year. But remember, it’s important to have this done by a professional. We know how tempting it is to just go buy a roll of duct tape and manage it yourself, but “duct tape” is not appropriately named and while it may provide a temporary fix, it is not going to resolve you ductwork problems in the long term.

Arrange for Any Necessary Repairs

Even small ones, since they can grow bigger! If you noticed any trouble with your heater during this time of the year, you can feel tempted to shrug it off as something that can wait, since you don’t actually need your heater as much.

But it’s not a good idea to let any heating problems continue, no matter if you’re going to be using your heater minimally in the coming weeks or not. With a natural gas heater, delaying repairs could even be unsafe. Plus, any repair issues with a heater will worsen over time, leading to both a more expensive repair and the possibility of a complete system breakdown.

Replace an Older Heater

Let’s face it, no heating system lasts forever. If your home’s current heater is struggling and it’s also 10 to 15 years old or older, then chances are rare that it can efficiently make it through another season.

Generally speaking, if your next heating repair need is going to cost half of what it would for you to buy a new heating system (which will save you efficiency and money in the long run, regardless), then you should probably look into an upgrade. We’re happy to help you make an educated decision about whether or not it is time for you to start looking at new systems, or if yours can get by with another repair.

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