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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Heating Maintenance!


Daytime temperatures may still be relatively mild, but with temps already dropping to below zero already, the time to think about heating maintenance is now, if you haven’t scheduled it yet. HVAC maintenance is something that requires professional HVAC technicians—it’s not as simple as homeowners running through a checklist. The only maintenance task you can, and should, do on your own is swapping out the air filter when it gets too dirty and clogged.

Don’t delay calling to schedule your heating maintenance appointment. You want your heating system ready to go when winter hits in earnest. And we really want to stress why it’s important you have this service done regularly—once a year. This is the only way for you to enjoy the full benefits of such a service, which we’ll get into below. Contact us for your heating maintenance appointment today and enjoy:

Improved Safety

One of the main jobs that HVAC technicians complete during your heating system tune-up is checking to see that the entire system is running safety and doesn’t need any urgent services. This is particularly important for natural gas-powered systems, like gas furnaces.

Gas-powered systems are not inherently unsafe, but skipping maintenance can allow them to become so.

Retain Energy Efficiency

A heating system, no matter what kind, will start losing its energy efficiency if it goes without maintenance tune-ups. The drop can be steep within a few years, resulting in the system draining 25% more power (or even more) than it should. Maintenance will keep your heater at its peak efficiency throughout its service life.

Fewer Repair Needs

Were you aware that about 85% of the repair needs your heater may ever require can be prevented due to routine maintenance? This means saving on hassles and repair costs.

Longer System Life

Replacing any type of heater years before it should have to be replaced is understandably a hit to your budget. You want to receive the most years possible from your furnace or heat pump. If your system is not maintained on a regular basis, it will likely fail years before its time. But with professional maintenance, it will probably exceed its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan.

Reach Out to Our Team for Professional Maintenance

Ask about our Preferred Comfort Club membership! This is our exclusive maintenance plan that affords our customers a whole host of benefits, in addition to longer system lifespan and better system performance. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Priority Scheduling for Preferred Comfort Club Members
  • Discounts on All Repairs and Installs
  • No Additional Emergency Service Charges
  • Two-Year Guarantee on All Repairs, Parts, and Labor
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

IN addition to all of this, you can transfer your Preferred Comfort Club membership between old and new HVAC systems should you decide to upgrade. Interested in learning more and scheduling your next tune-up? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals for your heating maintenance or any of your HVAC needs.

For expert service on your HVAC in Rio Rancho, NM, contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration.

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