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No, Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make Any of These 4 Noises


There are some sounds your furnace may make that seem relatively normal. There are some sounds from your furnace that are normal. For instance, the whoosh of air through the vents is standard. You may also detect a faint rattling noise as your ductwork shifts due to the variable in temperatures. What you shouldn’t hear, however, is anything that seems sudden or out of the ordinary.

Ignoring sounds like this can lead to a full heater breakdown at the worst, and inefficient operation at best. Inefficient operation means it wears down on your heater and costs you more to actually use your furnace system.

All that said, are there any particular noises you should be acutely aware of? Well, yes, 4 actually. Read on!


Did you just hear a loud screeching sound blaring from your furnace? It’s most likely a sign of a blower motor problem. An improperly working blower motors means that the heat being produced inside your furnace won’t be able to actually circulate throughout your living space as it should.

This may mean that the blower motor needs lubrication. This is a relatively common occurrence, as your furnace goes through natural wear and tear over the years. But it can also be the sign of a different problem, and so it’s important for you to call in a professional.

Once we diagnose exactly what’s causing the sound, we can advise you on the next steps to take.


Whenever you hear something that resembles metal-on-metal coming from your furnace, you probably are hearing metal-on-metal. If this is the case, you’ll need to turn off the furnace and contact our professionals right away so you can prevent further damage.

What’s likely happening is that a component either came lose, or there’s a malfunctioning part, like the blower wheel. The longer you leave this noise unaddressed, the more likely it is for the problem to grow.


In most cases, any sound you hear that resembles booming is indicative of dirty burners. This can actually become a dangerous problem if not addressed. The noise you’re hearing is probably caused by a delay in ignition due to grime build up on the burners. What happens is that the gas builds up under this grime. Then, when it ignites, a small explosion occurs inside your furnace.

Cleaning the burner yourself is not something we recommend. There’s too much room for error, that can result in either further damage to the furnace or even injury to yourself. To be on the safe side, give us a call! We have the experience and training to handle any repair need.


We mentioned above that you may hear a faint rattling when your furnace is operating, due to the fluctuation of temperature throughout your ductwork. This is relatively normal. But what you don’t want to hear is heavy rattling. It can indicate that a component has come loose inside your system and is banging around.

The subsequent problem with this is that intense rattling can lead to heat exchanger damage. A cracked heat exchanger can allow combustion gasses, like carbon monoxide (CO) to leak into your living space. Enough CO exposure can lead to fatalities. We don’t say that to incite panic, but because it is true. By taking care of your heater through maintenance, timely repairs, and the installation of CO detectors, you can keep your furnace functional and your home safe!

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