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Late Winter Is No Time to Ignore Your Heater!

technician-working-on-heaterAs we begin to transition from winter weather into warmer springtime temperatures, it can be tempting to look ahead at your air conditioner needs and neglect your heating system. However, if you have any heating repair needs that require attention, neglecting them can be a big mistake.

Ignoring any type of HVAC system problem can cause it to turn into a much bigger issue, leaving you with a broken down heater next fall before you need it, or even before then as we’re still using our heaters on most days. How do you know if you have heating repair needs, though? Are there certain symptoms you can watch out for? Yes!

You Have a Drafty Home

Have you noticed that your living space isn’t heating up as fast as it once did. Or maybe you’re finding cold spots in certain areas of your home? If so, the answer could be that your heating system is declining in performance. Another possibility is that you have a problem with a miscalibrated thermostat or damaged air ducts. Both of these would also impact your air conditioner, so taking care of this problem now is essential!

You Hear Strange Noises Coming from the Heater

No matter how mild a heating system sound may seem, if your system is making a noise you’ve never heard before, you are right not to ignore it. A few particular sounds that should warrant a heating repair call right away include a mechanical clanging or banging noise, hissing or clicking, or even just general noisy operation.

Your Heating Bills Are Too High

We understand that this tip may seem somewhat subjective. But what we’re talking about is an unexplained rise in your energy bills. If you’ve been spending basically the same amount of money each year on your heating bills and now all of the sudden they’ve spiked, there’s a chance that it’s a sign your heater isn’t working as efficiently as it once was, and needs repair or potentially even replacement, depending on how old it is.

Your Heater Keeps Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is the process used to describe when a heater or air conditioning system cycles on and off rapidly. This can be caused by a number of things. If you have a brand new heater and this is happening, then we’re sorry to say it’s probably because the heater is too large for your home and is reaching your desired temperature too fast. If the short-cycling is a new occurrence, then there could be something going on inside your system that’s causing it to work too hard. The best thing you can do to determine your next step is reach out to a pro.

Letting a heating system lay in wait with repair needs throughout the spring and summer increases the chance that you’ll have a problem when you go to turn it on for the first time next fall. Maintenance saves you money, time, and give you peace of mind that your heater will work as it should for as long as possible.

To properly care for your heating in Albuquerque, NM, reach out to Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. Contact us today!

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