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Don’t Ignore These Late Season Boiler Needs

boiler-technician-working-on-gas-systemWe’ve definitely seem the weather warm up in the last couple of weeks, but even so, you may still be using your boiler at night for a while. And if you are, you want to make sure it’s operating as well as it should be. Sure, if you suspect yours might need repairs, you could wait on them. After all, you’re not going to need your boiler again until next fall, right?

This could be a detrimental mistake, leaving you with a broken down boiler next year right when you need it the most. Handling repairs now means you can put aside the stress of wondering what’s wrong with the boiler and have confidence it will work for you next fall. So, what kind of late season boiler repair needs should you look for, then?

Electronic Ignition or Pilot Light Problems

Boilers are designed to last for about 20 years, give or take. If yours is reaching this old age, it’s not uncommon for it to need relighting, or to need pilot light or ignition replacement.

Newer electronic ignition boilers can go a long time without needing this part replaced, but if you sense any issues when your system starts up, then it could very well be that your boiler system needs repair and a component needs replacement.


You know that sound that you hear when you’re boiling water in a tea kettle? Well, even though the water in your boiler is heating up, you don’t want to hear this sound coming from your heater! When the boiler is filled with too many mineral deposits—namely, calcium and magnesium from hard water—it can change the pressure levels in your tank.

This makes for troublesome noises and can even cause the boiler tank to start leaking. Kettling is actually a relatively convenient noise, since it warns you of a problem before it becomes a huge emergency!


In the best case scenario, a “leak” that you spot will actually be a buildup of condensation and not a leak at all. Another relatively minor problem could be that there is an issue with the pumps or pressure relief valves, which will cause a bit of leaking but can be easily repaired by our pros.

But, a boiler leak can also be bad, and you should never just assume that it’s a minor problem. If the tank of the boiler springs a leak, there’s nothing you can do but have it replaced. This can be avoided in most cases, by scheduling annual maintenance for the system and having it flushed regularly.

Unexplained Spike in Heating Costs

A boiler is similar to other heating systems in that it is a machine. Like any other machine, it’s going to decline in performance the older it gets. This lack of performance will eventually show itself as an increase in heating costs.

If your boiler system is under 15 years of age, then the best solution for this issue is having regular maintenance done each year. By doing this, we can get its efficiency back up and drive costs down.

If your boiler is too old, however, then it may be too late for maintenance, and it might make more economical sense for you to replace the system. But the only way you’ll know that is by contacting a professional who will help you make an informed choice.

For quality service on boilers in Albuquerque, NM, look no further than Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. Contact us today!

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