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Is a Ductless Heating Installation Right for You?

Ductless heating and cooling systems have become increasingly common in recent years, and for good reason. They have the capability to efficiently distribute heat evenly throughout homes, and they are suitable for any type of floor plan—especially since they don’t require ductwork!

A ducted HVAC system requires the air to travel a far distance before entering the room in which it will be heating, and due to natural wear and tear plus ductwork damage can actually waste up to 40% of your heating energy—or cooling energy if you’re using the system in the summertime. But is a ductless heating installation really the right choice for you? Keep reading to learn some of the benefits and decide for yourself.

Significant Savings

Ductless systems are able to replace the primary heating and cooling systems in all homes—albeit electrically powered heating systems. They also heat homes for a fraction of the cost of baseboard heaters, electrical furnaces, or wall and ceiling heaters. They are especially more efficient than big, bulky electric space heaters.

Year-Round Comfort

As we mentioned above, ductless systems allow you to both heat and cool your living space. This means that you can achieve total comfort no matter what season it is. Your heating and cooling is achievable all from one unit, making this system an excellent choice for controlling the temperature of your home throughout the year.

Easy Installation

As the name implies, ductless systems don’t require the costly and complicated ductwork that you’d have to contend with if you were having a furnace installed. This means that you don’t have to worry about making too much space for the system, or the installation process being too drawn-out.

To schedule your Santa Fe, NM ductless heater installation today, simply contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration.

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