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Are You Efficiently Heating Your Home?

efficiently-heating-your-homeIt’s no secret that New Mexico is known for its often stifling heat—winter is neither a huge focus nor a huge concern for most residents of the state. However, if the recent chilly temperatures are any indication, our winters certainly do pack a punch and are nearly impossible to get through without an effectively working heater. But when you use your air conditioner as much as you do, it’s only natural that you want to see how you can increase your Santa Fe, NM heating efficiency, and thus reduce your heating costs.

Fixing some common energy loss problems throughout your home could dramatically reduce how much you need to spend to keep your home and family warm and toasty. For example, faulty or damaged ductwork could be causing your conditioned air to leak into unoccupied areas of your home such as the attic or crawlspace. What good is heated air if you don’t actually get to enjoy it? Rather, you are spending more money and sacrificing your comfort.

Common Sources of Winter Energy Loss

There are many methods in which to improve your energy efficiency, and just as many sources of potential energy loss. We’ve shared just a few of the most common sources below, to help you determine whether you are efficiently heating your home this winter or not.

  • Worn Weatherstripping: Conditioned air could be exiting your living space through your windows and doors, even if they are closed. Weatherstripping typically begins to wear out after a couple of years, but it’s a good idea to check this at the beginning of each winter season. (It could also be the cause of cooling loss too, during the summer.)
  • Holes in Exterior Walls: There are many areas of your home that could be allowing heated air to escape that you are simply unaware of. For example, how tightly are the faceplates on your outlets screwed on? And are there holes for piping carved out of exterior facing walls? Most likely, there are—and resolving this is as simple as purchasing some caulking from a hardware store.
  • Not Utilizing Ceiling Fans: Sure, you may use your ceiling fan all summer long to help your AC system out—but did you know you can do the same for your heater? There is a switch on your fan that enables the blades to move in the other direction. While it won’t help increase the temperature of your home, it will circulate the air coming from your forced-air heating system so that you can turn it down a few degrees. This allows you to give your heater a little break so it doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore can operate more efficiently.
  • Use Blinds/Curtains/Film: A good amount of the heat in your home can be lost through your windows, even if they are closed and sealed. There are many methods to make your windows more energy efficient, such as utilizing blinds, curtains, and even a specially made film that reduces heat loss (this can be bought at most home improvement or hardware stores, and both installed and removed easily).

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