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Does My Furnace Need Replacing?

Furnaces can last quite a while, but they won’t last forever. The more stress a furnace is put under, the more likely it is to develop problems and break down. Considering winter is the time of year when furnaces are used the most, it’s also the time when furnaces are most likely to break down. You don’t want to have your furnace break down on you in the middle of the coldest season of the year. So, it’s a good idea to replace it now if you need to. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your furnace needs replacing.

Efficiency Drops

As a furnace accumulates wear and tear, the efficiency of the system declines over time. This means that the furnace has to operate for longer and longer periods of time in order to affect the same temperature changes. Your heating bills will rise over time as a result. If you notice that happening, you may want to replace your furnace. At the very least, you should have it looked at to make sure it doesn’t need repairs.


Furnaces only develop serious repair needs maybe once or twice a year, under normal circumstances. This is, of course, different for furnace near the end of their lifespans. Just like with efficiency drops, the wear and tear on an old furnace will cause parts to start failing in rapid succession. This will cause the furnace to require repair every few months, instead of once a year. If your furnace needs a new, and different, repair every couple of months, it is definitely time to replace it.

If you need to have your furnace replaced before winter sets in, call Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. We offer a full range of furnace replacement services throughout Rio Rancho, NM.


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