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Signs It’s Time for a Water Heater Upgrade

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

There are some scenarios, especially in the summertime, where taking a voluntary cold shower is a welcomed experience. But being surprised by icy water hitting you when you were expecting a lukewarm shower is a whole different story. If this is a reality for you, then it might be a sign that there’s a problem with your water heater. In the best case, it may just need a small repair, but sometimes it can mean you need a complete water heater replacement.

In addition to a complete lack of hot water, there are a number of other signs you can watch for that indicate your water heater is failing and is ready to be upgraded. When you start noticing something is off with your water heater, be on alert for these signs, and if you notice any of them, give our team a call right away!

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3 Ways Your Water Heater Could be Crying Out for Help

Monday, January 25th, 2021

If there is any comfort system in your home that you take for granted, it’s probably your water heater. Think about it—you use it literally every day, but do you think about what it does for you every single day? Probably not. And without thinking about it, you may not notice when there’s a problem. Unfortunately, neglecting water heater repairs for too long can lead to a completely broken down system and subsequent premature replacement.

The quicker you get water heater problems fixed, the less damage that’s done to it and the more you can keep enjoying the fruits of its labor. But in order to get these issues fixed, you have to know that there are issues to begin with, right? Read on as we uncover 3 ways your water heater could be crying out for help, and give us a call if you notice any of these.

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How to Care for Your Tankless Water Heater

Monday, October 19th, 2020

The type of water heater that most homeowners are familiar with is the tank model. They’re big, often noticeable, and maybe even a little bit noisy depending on where you have it on your property. This is the conventional water heater, and most people know that it needs maintenance in order to prevent scaling—the buildup of hard water minerals that cause problems with pressure, corrosion, and temperature settings.

What many people don’t realize, however, is tankless water heaters need care for the same reason, pretty much. So if you have a tankless system or if you’re debating getting one, it’s important to know that maintenance will still be a necessary part of your life. Otherwise, scaling could lead to various problems, not excluding premature replacement.

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Caring for Your Tankless Water Heater

Monday, October 21st, 2019

If you don’t already have a tankless water heater in your home, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. You’re also probably pretty used to seeing the standard, large, storage tank water heaters in most homes today. Tank water heaters need special care and maintenance, as scaling can have a negative impact on the water heater and allow for mineral buildup that clangs around noisily in the tank and causes problems with pressure, temperature, and potential corrosion.

What many people don’t realize is that as much as a tank water heater needs proper maintenance and care to fend off scaling, so too does a tankless water heater. And much of that maintenance is similar. Keep reading to learn more!

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Can a Tankless Water Heater Malfunction?

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

tankless water heater on groundThe short answer to this is, “yes.” But, we’re not going to leave you hanging like that, and we definitely don’t want to deter you from purchasing a tankless system!

In fact, we often recommend the installation of a tankless water heater system over the more traditional tank water heater due to its numerous advantages, like lower energy bills, longer equipment life, and perhaps the biggest appeal, an unlimited hot water supply.

Tankless systems do suffer from less repair needs on average than their storage tank counterparts, since they don’t deal with the stress of water stored in a tank, and the continual need to use energy in order to keep that water heated. Tankless systems essentially do less work and don’t wear down as fast, as a result. However, as we alluded to above, they can malfunction, and when they do it is important that you call for professional Santa Fe, NM water heater services as soon as possible.

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What Happens During a Water Heater Maintenance Appointment

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Water heaters are very sturdy, but they aren’t invincible. Sooner or later, they are going to need professional maintenance if they are to continue operating properly. Water heater maintenance is a pretty involved process, and we don’t have the space to outline every single step of it in extensive detail. However, we can go through some of the bigger items with you. Let’s take a look at what happens during a water heater appointment.

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What You Need to Know About Your Water Heater Anode Rod

Monday, June 29th, 2015

If you have a storage water heater, as most people do, you may have wondered how your water heater can hold up so well. After all, storage water heaters are running almost constantly from the time they are installed to keep a supply of hot water heated. That leads to a lot of wear and tear on the system, and with that much exposure to water it should include rust as well. While some water heaters do eventually rust, there are plenty of water heaters that go through their whole lives without ever experiencing it. How does that happen? How can an appliance that spends its whole life in contact with water not rust away? Read on to find out.

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When is it Time for Water Heater Replacement?

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The water heater in your home has been around for a while. You’ve relied on it for all sorts of tasks over the years, from rinsing the dishes to doing the laundry to taking a relaxing bubble bath. But you’re probably aware that your older water heater does have a life expectancy that could run out very soon. If it seems like your water heater has been around for a while, then you might consider looking into a replacement.

While a technician is perhaps the best person to help you decide whether you need a new water heater, we’ve put together a few of the most common reasons homeowners decide to schedule water heater replacement. Call the team at Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration for a more accurate estimate of whether you need water heater replacement in Santa Fe.

  • Greater Efficiency – You may decide to replace your water heater by choice if you simply want a unit that runs more efficiently than your older unit. Old water heaters often do not perform as well as current models due to outdated technology that forced the equipment to work too hard. According to the ENERGY STAR website, ENERGY STAR rated water heaters can help you to save 14-55% on water heating.
  • Poor Performance – If your older water heater does not perform to your liking, making repairs may fix the trouble. Other times, however, the unit is simply too old to go on. Or, it may have been sized improperly for you home, so that you don’t get as much hot water as you’d like.
  • Rust – Water heaters are made of steel, and steel rusts when it comes into contact with oxygen and water. A glass lining in the tank usually protects it from rust, as does an anode rod that diverts corrosion to itself. However, eventually, rust may develop in the tank, which means that the tank may soon begin to leak, and replacement is the only option.

At Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration, we service water heaters and offer efficient options for water heater replacement in Santa Fe. Call our dedicated team of professionals today!

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What is a Tankless Water Heater and Do I Need One?

Friday, December 19th, 2014

There is no shortage of options when it comes to home improvement. A stroll down the aisle of your local hardware store or a scroll down the page of a website devoted to this industry both reveal a staggering diversity of products, materials, brands, and information. It can be difficult to navigate your way through the morass to come out with something that works well for your home, that’s reliable and that will operate efficiently. Because of the importance of your water heater, it’s imperative that you have a model that works well for years to come.

While many customers continue to rely on tank water heaters for their hot water needs in the home, the tankless water heater has become a household name, as it has been for many years throughout the rest of the world. The chief reason for this is its stellar energy efficiency ratings. A conventional tank water heater works by heating a large volume of water in a cylindrical tank and then distributing it as need be to the various fixtures in your home. But this inevitably leads to a fair amount of what’s called standby energy loss, the thermal energy that escapes the tank and dissipates into the cooler surrounding air.

A tankless water heater works without a large storage tank by utilizing a high-efficiency copper heat exchanger that heats your water whenever you need it. It is therefore also known as an on-demand water heater. Because it only heats the water you will actually use and it operates only when such water is called for, it operates much more efficiently than conventional tank systems. If you’re eager to save money on a fair-sized chunk of your monthly bill, then you should definitely consider one for your home.

At Roadrunner, we make sure our customers take full advantage of the latest technology, and we install and service a diverse range of tankless water heaters within our service area. Contact our friendly technicians today for tankless water heater services.

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Selecting a New Water Heater: What You Ought to Know

Friday, November 21st, 2014

As with most things these days, selecting something as simple as a water heater can be daunting, to say the least.

While it’s nice to have a wide selection to choose from, this can also make it difficult to figure out which type of water heater would be right for the particular needs of your household. Should I choose a tankless or conventional tank system? What is a heat pump water heater? What other factors should I consider? It’s important to be in touch with a professional early on in the process to ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a new water heater for your home.

There are numerous factors to consider, and in-person, customized advice is always preferred. But there are some general comments to make about what to look for.

  • We know that a new water heater is a major investment for a lot of folks. It’s also one that you don’t want to make too frequently. Finding a water heater that matches your budgetary requirements is important to ensure that you feel good about your purchase. Your local technicians can help you figure out a compromise between the amount of money that you can spend (or want to spend) and the features that you need in your water heater.

Tank or Tankless?

  • Conventional tank water heaters work by heating a large volume of water in a tank and then distributing throughout the various fixtures in your home as need be. This inevitably leads to standby energy loss, a term that describes the loss of thermal energy from the water inside the tank to the surrounding air. A tankless system heats your water on-demand, thus cutting out this issue entirely. As a result, your hot water is produced much more efficiently.

We’re sure that you have lots of further questions about what constitutes the right water heater for your home. You need only pick up the phone and give us a call so that we can get started on your water heater installation.

Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

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