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Why Does My AC Cause my Circuit Breaker to Trip?

The circuit breakers in your home are there to protect your electrical system from overload on a particular circuit. There are a number of reasons they may turn off, i.e. trip. Your AC system requires enough energy that it will have its own circuit breaker, and sometimes this circuit breaker can trip due to weather conditions.

However, if you’ve noticed your AC breaker tripping too frequently, giving resistance when switching to “on” or immediately tripping a second time right after switching it on, then you should be concerned. If this is the case, leave it off for now and give the professionals on our team a call.

But What Is Causing This?

No matter why your breaker keeping tripping, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Therefore you should never force it to go back on. Additionally, if the breaker is hot to the touch then you should certainly leave it alone, as this means you have an overloaded breaker and switching it back on can trigger an overload.

Below are a few reasons that your AC breaker might be tripping:

  • The breaker itself is faulty or loose.
  • There is a loose electrical connection.
  • The breaker is undersized.
  • The wiring is faulty or loose.
  • There’s an issue with your compressor.
  • You have a dirty air conditioner filter.
  • Your coils are frozen over.
  • There’s been a loss of refrigerant.

With the exception of a dirty air filter—changing your air filter is a task you can and should be doing on a regular basis—these are all issues that should only be handled by a trained professional. Sometimes it can be just a quick fix, while other times these problems might be the sign of an aging air conditioner. If your air conditioner is older than a decade, it may be time to consider a replacement, particularly if you find yourself making repairs pretty frequently.

For quality air conditioner services throughout Rio Rancho, NM, contact Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration.

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