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Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump as Your Next Home Comfort Installation

Did your air conditioner fail to keep you as cool and comfortable as it should have this summer? Or maybe you’re looking to replace your heating system before temperatures cool down this year–or perhaps you need to upgrade both!

Whatever the case, you’d do well to consider the installation of a heat pump. A heat pump system works very similarly to a central air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to pull heat out of your indoor air, and chilled air is returned back to your home.

The main difference is that heat pumps heat as well! Read on to learn more and to see how this setup can benefit you.

What Exactly Is a Heat Pump?

As we mentioned above, a heat pump works similarly to a traditional central air conditioner. It relies on the flow of refrigerant to transfer heat from one area to another. But there is a component called a reversing valve that sets the heat pump apart from a standard air conditioner. This mechanism is used to reverse the flow of refrigerant through the system, allowing for home heating and cooling.

Heat pumps are available as both ducted and ductless models–with the latter having up to 4 indoor air handlers that can be controlled independently of one another. Our team can help you make an educated choice between these different types of heat pump systems. Ducted systems operate much like a traditional forced air system, while ductless systems are a bit more efficient depending on your home’s layout.

Whichever kind you choose, there are plenty of benefits:

Improved Efficiency: Maybe the biggest benefit of having a heat pump professionally installed is that you’ll improve your home’s energy efficiency. Since these systems do not generate their own heat–they transfer it–they use far less energy than other more traditional HVAC system types.

Having a heat pump installed is a fantastic way to boost energy efficiency and cut back on your monthly spending. Plus, a system that’s energy-efficient is going to require fewer repairs than one that’s not.

More Versatility: No heating system or air conditioning system is able to both cool and heat your home, which is why the heat pump is very unique. With just the flip of a switch, you’re able to go from heating mode to cooling mode, and vice versa, depending on your comfort needs.

Very Convenient: When you invest in our heat pump installation services, you won’t have to worry about the cost of maintaining two different HVAC systems. As you’re aware, costly repairs and untimely replacement can put a huge dent in your budget.

And when you multiply that by 2 different units, it can wind up being very costly and stressful. With a heat pump system though, you’ll only need to worry about servicing one system.

Remember, just like any other important home comfort appliance, your heat pump can only be expected to work at it’s best if it is professionally installed and serviced, so call our team!

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