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“How Can I Maintain My Air Conditioner?”


This is a common question our professionals get, and we understand. You’d like your system to run efficiently, so you want to know how to best maintain it—yourself, that is. We commend you on this effort and we will get into some maintenance tasks you can do on your own in a little bit. But we do want to stress the importance of professional preventive maintenance.

Comprehensive AC Maintenance

Maintenance is a service we offer our clients that allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust their systems. What we look for during the maintenance inspection is any signs of wear, dirty components, broken components, or parts that need replacement. We’ll alert you to any needs that crop up as we discover them, so you can then get system repairs on your schedule at your convenience.

There are certain components of your air conditioner that only a professional is equipped to deal with. Your refrigerant, for instance, is one of them. Upon installation, an air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant to ideally last its entire lifespan. It’s this refrigerant that makes the cooling process possible! If you’re losing any from your system, it means there is a leak, which must be repaired. Also, the refrigerant must be refilled (recharged).

This is one of many reasons you should only trust a professional for your annual (or biannual, if you have a heat pump) maintenance.

DIY Maintenance Tasks

As promised, we do have some maintenance jobs you can complete on your own. In fact, these are things you should be doing on your own, regularly.

Change Your Air Filter: There’s a common misconception among homeowners that the air filter in their air conditioner and heating systems is there to protect the indoor air quality of their living space. While it helps with indoor air quality, that is not the air filter’s main purpose.

This air filter is intended to protect the interior components of both the air conditioner and forced-air heater from dirt, dust, and other debris that can get inside and hurt their ability to perform. When the filter gets too clogged up, it restricts airflow, causing the HVAC system to work harder than it should have to. This can lead to unnecessary repairs and even a shortened lifespan.

How often should you change out the air filter? It depends on the type of air filter, but it also depends on the level of contaminants in your home. We typically recommend you change it out every 1–3 months during periods of system use.

Clean Around the Outside Unit: The outside unit of your air conditioner can get well neglected during the winter season. So before it’s time to turn on your air conditioner this spring, be sure to go take a look at it. Clear away any leaves, grass, lawn mulch, or tree branches that might have fallen next to it or on top of it. This will help ensure that nothing is blocking airflow.

If you have any questions or would like some more tips to improve AC efficiency, follow our blog and don’t hesitate to give us a call!

When you need exceptional service for your air conditioning in Albuquerque, NM, look no further than Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. Contact us today!

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