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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Winter?

Yes, you read that right—we are asking about your cooling system, not your heating system. While you, of course, want to make sure your heater is prepped with a tune-up and any necessary repairs that have been recommended by a HVAC professional, your AC system shouldn’t be forgotten.

While you won’t need to use your cooling system over the next couple of months, the outdoor unit of your system still requires some protection. Otherwise, it can suffer damages from inclement weather, and even develop rust and other types of corrosion. Keep reading to learn how you can winterize your AC system so that it will work effectively when spring rolls around.

  • Turn Off the AC Circuit. This component is located outside, near the cabinet. It’s usually housed behind a plastic or metal lid. Lift that lid and place the switch in the “off” position. What this does is prevent the air conditioner from accidentally turning on during a brief warm spell. The reason this is important is that during this time, the AC can accidentally draw in water that could freeze and create corrosion and other damage.
  • Clean the Exterior Unit. Over the course of the year, dirt and debris, lawn clippings, leaves, and other particles drop onto or around your outdoor unit. Be sure to remove this as well as any brush, pinecones, or branches that may be surrounding the unit.
  • Use a Waterproof Cover to Protect the Unit. Most hardware stores sell waterproof HVAC unit covers. However, you could really use any piece of plastic of vinyl that’s capable of covering the entire outdoor unit.
  • Secure the Unit. Inclement weather often brings wind. Ensure that your outdoor unit is held in place by bungee cords or some other form of containment. And don’t stop there… do periodic checks on the unit to ensure that the cover remains in place and it hasn’t accumulated too much debris.

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