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Is Your AC Keeping You Cool Enough?

woman-looking-hot-sitting-in-front-of-fanSummer is just around the corner! Well actually, we’re already pretty much feeling it. So it should come as no surprise that we’re going to tell you how important it is this time of year to make sure your air conditioner is in good shape. If it’s not keeping you as cool as it used to, or as cool as you think it should be keeping you, then chances are it’s not in good shape.

But the good news is there may be a simple solution. Yes, sometimes it is a matter of calling in a professional to conduct repairs or maintenance—have you scheduled that yet, by the way? But other times, it can be resolved by a small adjustment or task on your part.

Check Your Thermostat Settings!

If you’re lucky, your air conditioner’s lack of cooling power might be caused by nothing more than a thermostat that wasn’t set correctly. Yes, it could be that simple.

Check first to make sure that your thermostat is in the right mode. If it’s just “ON” but not in “COOL” mode, then all it’s doing is spinning the blower fan. Your cooling system will sound like it’s operating, but there is not any cooling going on.

Your thermostat may also have an “AUTO” mode. Check your system’s manual, but either this or “COOL” will get you the result you need.

Is Your Air Filter Clogged?

Another possibility is that the air conditioner’s filter is blocked up. This air filter stops dust and dirt from getting into the sensitive components of your air conditioner. Naturally, there comes a time where the filter must be replaced. Otherwise, it will stop your air conditioner from receiving and producing the right amount of airflow.

If you let a clogged air filter sit for too long, it can lead to more than just a loss of airflow—it can mean frozen coils, a short-cycling system, and increased utility bills.

The good news: this is easy for you to check, and in most cases simple to replace. However, if you change or clean your air filter and still discover an airflow problem, it might be time to give our team a call.

When You Need to Call a Pro

The above-mentioned examples are not serious nor do they threaten your air conditioner so long as you take care of them right away. However, if you checked your thermostat settings, changed your air filter, and still don’t feel cooled air coming through your vents, you might be facing a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant is the fuel that allows the cooling process to happen, and your air conditioner is supplied with enough of it during installation to ideally last the system’s entire lifespan. However, leaks can occur, and when they do you’ll want to get them repaired right away.

Refrigerant leaks can start small, but quickly grow, causing subsequent problems such as:

  • Frozen Coils: When there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system, the evaporator coil can freeze over, which makes it incapable of absorbing heat. This prevents cool air from being blown into your living space.
  • Compressor Failure: Do you hear various chattering, rumbling, or clicking noises when operating your air conditioner? This might be a sign of a struggling compressor. Unfortunately, a faulty compressor could mean a completely unusable air conditioner, which is why we recommend quick action when a refrigerant leak has occurred.

Please contact our pros if you notice any of these symptoms.

For quality air conditioning service in Albuquerque, NM, look no further than Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration. Contact us today!

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