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“Do I Really Need a Pro for My AC Installation?”


If you’ve come across this blog post shortly after it was posted, it means we’re in the heat of summer right now. That means if you’re reading this specific title, you’re in a tight spot. After all, who would choose August to replace an air conditioner in Santa Fe?

That said, we understand your urge to rush into an air conditioner purchase. You want to get comfortable and get comfortable fast. But we really cannot understate the importance of taking it slow when it comes to a purchase of this caliber and trusting a pro for the installation.

Why? Because there are some specific steps we go through that you wouldn’t know how to manage unless you had the training and experience on how to do so.

Step One: Removing the Old Unit

Sure, this probably sounds as simple as just sliding the old unit out and the new one in, right? But on the contrary, this isn’t simple at all. In fact, it’s typically the most laborious part of the HVAC installation process. We have to take special care, for instance, to ensure that nothing is knocked out of place and that your old system is disposed of properly–after all, it has potentially harmful components like refrigerant in it.

We’ll also check that your new air conditioning unit is properly sized for the space where it’s being installed. We don’t just mean it has to slide it just right–we mean that it must not be either too powerful or not powerful enough for your living space. This requires our team taking a cooling load calculation. Without this, you may be stuck with a very inefficient cooling system.

Step Two: Making Connections

Once your new cooling system is installed–meaning the outdoor unit is appropriately placed and leveled out, and your indoor unit is bolted down where it needs to go, we’ll connect it to the appropriate components.

This includes your ductwork, or rather your ventilation system. The ducts must be hooked up to your HVAC system correctly to avoid damaging them. They often need to be adjusted and shifted during the process, and mistakes can happen here if this isn’t handled carefully.

The next step is hooking up your air conditioner to its power source–your electrical system. This isn’t an inherently dangerous task, but it could be for inexperienced hands.

Step Three: Testing Your New Air Conditioner

Testing your new air conditioner is the last step, but definitely not the least important. If our technicians left your home after making the last connection without testing your new air conditioner, you’d have no way of knowing if the system was working as efficiently or effectively as it was meant to, or as safely as it’s meant to.

If you’re currently working with an AC installer or handyman that only focuses on sales and installation, this is an even bigger deal. Why? Because they could walk away and leave you with a defective system, or a system in disrepair, and have no liability to fix the issues for you. When you work with a reliable team that provides comprehensive AC services, you don’t need to worry about this!

Roadrunner Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration is your trusted resource for Santa Fe AC installation! Contact us today.

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