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“Is a Whole-Home Air Purifier Worth the Investment?”

Monday, June 29th, 2020

The short answer to this is, “yes, almost always!” But don’t worry, we will elaborate.

A lot of homeowners are struggling lately with deciding how to stay healthy inside their homes. Indoor air quality has become a buzzword lately. We want you to understand what exactly it is that a whole-house purifier does and why it benefits so many homes to have.

Keep in mind, no indoor air quality product can ever guarantee that virus transmission will ever happen, but using the right products and services in your home will greatly reduce your risks. Read on to learn why.

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4 Reasons Going Ductless May Benefit Your Home

Monday, June 15th, 2020

If you’ve never heard of a ductless system before, you probably at least understand by the name that it is a cooling system that doesn’t rely on a network of air ducts. Rather, it relies on one relatively small outdoor condenser unit and up to four air handlers. Each air handler is connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit containing refrigerant, a power line, and a condensate drain line.

Ductless systems operate like heat pumps, transferring heat out of the home and putting it through an evaporation and condensing process to bring cooling into your home. A reversing valve allows this process to be reversed so you can also use this system to heat your home in the winter. But, what makes this so great? Read on as we uncover 4 reasons going ductless can benefit your home!

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Just How Healthy Is the Air You Breathe Indoors?

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Without the right indoor air quality products and services in place, it may not be all that great! In fact, your air quality could be worse than that of outdoors. This is particularly true if you have a home that was built in the last few decades. Our modern homes are built very “tightly,” which allows for no conditioned air to escape out.

This is fantastic news for your heating and cooling system use, since it helps your HVAC systems work more efficiently. But it’s not such good news if you suffer from allergies. With no air escaping, it also means that contaminants such as pollen, dirt, dust, and pet dander don’t have a way out. Even the healthiest person can be negatively impacted by poor indoor air quality.

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